Minions each have ten values...

Health Points- are the amount of points a minion can lose before being defeated.
Strength- determines physical damage output.
Constitution- lessens the amount of physical damage taken.
Dexterity- increases the chance an attack will connect with its target.
Finesse- increases the chance an incoming attack will miss.
Speed- determines how soon the minion can act in battle -the battles are turn based.-
Willpower- determines magical damage output.
Resistence- lessens the amount of magical damage taken.
Luck- increases the potency of actions which effect the values of minions -buffs and debuffs.-
Fate- decreases the potency of incoming actions which effect the values of minions.

After each successful battle, minions will gain experience points. As experience points increase, minions' values increase, making them more powerful in battles. After certain amounts of experience points, minions gain new actions and can even evolve into new more powerful forms.

Below is the full list of 150 minions. The first 100 can gained through being captured or evolving- for example, a Pirate can be captured, and after many battles it can evolve into a Raider, and eventually evolve into a Captain.

Minions from 101 to 150 can only be gained by fusing two of the minions from 1-100. For example, a Hellhound can be gained by fusing a Worg and a Salamander.

All fusing combinations and all 240 battle actions have been named and allocated, but those are all secrets!