The battle screen will be entered either during a random encounter with an enemy, or during a story event. The battle screen will show the player's minions on the left hand side, and the enemy minions on the right hand side. There can be up to three minions on each side.

The battles will be turn-based. Each minion has its own speed value, which will decide the order of which minion will next take an action. When it is a minion's turn to act, they will have a choice of four actions- normally a physical attack, a magical attack, a buff and a debuff. Once the action is chosen, the damage and other special effects will be calculated and applied to the effected minions. Then the minion with the next highest speed value will be prompted to act.

Each minion has a number of health points. Once a minion has zero health points it is removed from the battle. Once all the minions on one side are removed from battle then the battle is over. If the player has been victorious, all three minions will receive some experience, become more powerful, possibly learn a new attack or even evolve to a more powerful form. If the player was defeated, they are transported to the last town they visited.

At any point during the battle, the player may decide to run away, display more information about something on the screen, or use a special power- this last element is still in early concept stages.